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Date : Saturday, January 30, 2010
the mood was surreal as we stood by the speakers. Ema got them to chant. "RDP! RDP!" at that moment. I can swear to god, that, IF! i were the one holding the mic, I'd be saying the same thing in this manner.

"RDP! *sob* RDP! *sob*"

That moment engulfed me in a feeling of pure elation. To be able to achieve our goal. Wonderful. I'll thank EFA, SID and FYDA for being there. Like the family who wasn't there, they filled the empty slots in my heart. and..

Baby came down from his seat and stood by the stage, rooting support to his babygirl. Even when he's got high fever for a few days running, sweetest ever.

Mum, dad.. they weren't there. Cos they don't support. Because in their eyes, I let go of my income for percussion, my passion. But I don't care what mum cares about when all she cares about is money in her pocket at the end of each month. URGH! let's not go into details shall we?

On monday, both Fahiq and myself will be starting work. God wish us well, and may FEB be a better month.


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Date : Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The big day is coming. They aren't gonna be there. Depressing as it may seem, I've got to put up a brave front. WE wanted this for the longest of time.

The recording days. The times we had to face certain over challenging obstacles. The part where we cried because the pressure of hitting the right notes during recording was unbearable. Financially unstable. Photoshoot after photoshoot. Rehearsals after rehearsals. And finally. The big day announced it's arrival in 3 days.

Sacrifices made. Energy burned. Time dedicated. Tears shed. Bonding strengthened.

Made evident with the launch of Rhythm De Pasion's EP album, The Rhythmic Chapter.

What more can I say? Be there and see it to believe it.

Afdal's welcome-home pit was spectacular. Trust the boys to organize such events and take note of the inty gritty. They make it look so simple! Based on my personal experience, to organize a pit with my teck whye buddies take ages for the simple reason that everyone cannot come together on a mutual date.

and baby's marinated chicken. wow! Nice. =D

so I was thinking how I've been arguing with baby alot. he's seen me angry over the littlest of things and I saw him being patient with me. Trust him to do that. He and I both know that it wasn't love at first sight that brought us together. But it was learning the flaws that both of us have and cherish these flaws and embracing it all the same.

I love you ahmad fahiq.

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Can't Say NO
Date : Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Years ago, Mum told me. Best to help people who are in need and they might just help you back when you are in trouble. She also reminded me not to expect anything. Do your deed with humility and don't brag about it thereafter. But then again, life never go the way you want it to go.

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idiotic numbskulls
Date : Monday, January 04, 2010
Contradicting as it may seem, I hate that Fahiq left me all alone to fiddle with my own devices while he sleep without even bidding goodnight. Why contradicting you may ask? because, dozing off in the middle of our late night convos is my forte. It's my thing. Not his!

Anyways, I don't get it. And I hate it with people who think they know EVERYTHING. I never said that I hated my name. Samsiah is a sweet name. I know it is. The reason that 'Sammie' came about was because it used to be so hard for people to say Samsiah. Yes it is an old timer's name. But so what? It is better to hold a classic name with meaning rather than cool modern name which means nothing at all.

'Samsiah' or 'Syamsiah' is Matahari/ Sun.

So I'd like to tell you and your friends to fuck off and stop fooling around with my name. Oh! and just because you are witty, doesn't mean you can take advantage and make a fool out of me. I admit I am slow and at times I can be a helluva blur cock. But as your fellow human friend, I have feelings too. Be sensitive.

Busking at Tamp was awesome! I love the crowd. and and. EP launch in 18 DAYS! be there lovelies!


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heal the world. make it a better 2010
Date : Friday, January 01, 2010
my 2010. a superb beginning indeed.

everywhere around the world, people welcome 2010 with open arms. Parties, celebrations, drinking, parties *ouh-kay. i mentioned parties twice*

as for me, I welcomed 2010 alongside the person who stole my heart in 2009. T'was very impromptu. After confirming the time for the last train, my one hour tukar baju plus make-up with smokey eyes then pujuk the big baby gajah because he have to wait for an hour outside my house, we made our way to city hall.

alongside the stupid jokes, the mengutuk orang, big baby gajah said "macam mana kalau you nampak RDP perform. tapi you kat sini" So I said that'll never happen.

when we bla bla bla, suddenly I saw Husain with the timbau and Faizal with his snare and anddd wan chai! and EMI! I called Emi over who happened to be big baby gajah's schooolmate. with no ulterior motive, we followed Emi to watch bloco. Baby met my brothers and sisters and I'm glad he did.

so we killed time by soaking in the sights and beautiful sounds brought to us by esplanade. The sing-a-long with baby gajah and when I hear his resolution, it made my heart swell. I swear he is the greatest gift from god. I couldn't emphasise it enough but I had fun. Even though I had wished to spent this year with RDP again, celebrations with Fahiq wasn't bad at all!

oh! may I add the fact that this is the FIRST time ever, in the 19 years I've lived in this world that I get to watch the fireworks with someone I treasure.

I'd do anything to keep our flame alive. I'd do anything to have this every year.

I love you Ahmad Fahiq. Always will.

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Date : Saturday, December 26, 2009
Late snippets of zoukout. For the viewing pleasure for all especially EFA ALQADRI.

okayy. Got to find a job real soon. I miss Fahiq already. Daymm.

But most of all. I miss my family.

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of 2 months of silence.
Date : Tuesday, December 15, 2009
I am updating my blog today from the desktop in Fahiq's room. I haven't paid my M1 vodafone bill. So, that explains. After 2 months? Well what can I say. Changes aren't new. It's part and parcel of getting through life. To sum it all up.

Initially, i wanted to update this entry with pictures. BUT. malas uh. K go.

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